2021 MomFest Hybrid - Oct. 17 & 18, 2021! Live and Virtual!

2021 MomFest Hybrid


MomFest Fall Hybrid

October 17 & 18, 2021

Live Event: Ricarda’s 134 Peter St, Toronto

Virtual Event: Online HopIn

a Hybrid Experience

Mom Halo, the team behind MomFest is excited to share our newest version of our smashing event- MomFest Fall 2021, a Hybrid Experience – The first of its nature, a two day virtual and LIVE in person offer. 

This is an experience that will be unlike any other, where those can enjoy from the comfort of their homes, or partake in living colour. 

Given the nature of the Covid World, we have implemented a series of LIVE event protocols to ensure every one of our guests and participants are kept healthy and safe, while still maximizing on a good time!

It’s all about the MashUp! 
Wanna come see us live? We got you here! 
Wanna join us virtually? 
Wanna go ALL IN for both experiences, click here! 

MomFest HYBRID is an experience for moms, bringing together top thinkers, educators and entrepreneurs, related to all things “cool” mamahood. 

Us mamas are coming together for the first time in many months and we cannot wait to show you the best time ever! 

Welcome to MomFest Fall 2021- Hybrid experience. 

How will the Hybrid Model work

Read on here for the details:

Sunday October 17, 2021


11:00am – 4:00pm- Timed Entries: LIMITED ACCESS due to COVID. Every adult must have a ticket in order to enter.

  • 11:00am – 1:00pm
  • 1:30pm – 4:00pm

This is a throwback to our roots- offering a live shopping experience, where parents can come together and meet local makers, rocking brands and retailers, jam to some kiddo entertainment, all while seeing some very new faces (well, at least half a face 🙂 )

And of course, we will have amazing SWAG (Swag bags for the first 100 people of each entry time), giveaways, auction items and more. 

Guests are invited to register and pre-selected entry time: there will be food and beverages available for sampling, you can shop, socialize and network all under the MomFest banner of giving moms a great day! 


*Vendors and sponsor space available

Monday OCTOBER 18, 2021

Welcome to our virtual portion of MomFest!

Awards Gala Schedule:

7:30pm – Doors Open
8:30pm – Fireside Chat with Ashley Freeborn
9:00pm – Awards Ceremony
10:00pm – Social & Dance Party
11:00pm – Wrap up


Our Club Halo Mamas receive a ton of perks – throughout the year and at MomFest! We are opening our exclusive membership on October 17th and 18th so that you can join in on the fun – get on the waitlist here

Gala, Awards and Auction


Grab a ticket to our MomFest Awards Gala and Auction party! This is the most un-gala Gala you have ever seen. We are excited to welcome keynote speaker Ashley Freeborn, CEO of Smash+Tess to the Gala Stage.

Focused on giving moms a great night out, we have a solid eve of festivities worth ubering for! 

Guests will have the opportunity to network with and connect directly with the best and brightest of the mom ecosystem from subject matter experts, mom bosses and people of  influence. 

This is your chance to spoil yourself with a night of food, drink, pampering (within covid regs) and so much more. 

Did we mention some other top secret elements of the night that will blow your mind?! 

We are SO excited to announce that any attendee with a VIP ticket will receive a gift of a Smash+Tess Romper ( pick one of 4 styles) ! Valued at $135 CDN. 

Smash + Tess Feature for all VIP guests! 

Be sure to select your romper choice and sizing at ticketing. 

Dress up your romper! 

You will receive the special Smash+Tess Romper via mail, along with your ticket to the gala! 

We invite you to join in the festivities of the un-gala by rocking your new Romper, as we turn up to the hottest mom party of the year (perhaps the only mom party of the year!) 

MomFest is all about the Mom Halo Vibes. Find yourself a sitter, and get here, looking Mom Romped Fabulous- pair with your fav heels or high tops, and let’s get ready to dance, like it’s 2019! 

We have so many surprises in store for you, in person and online. 

This is a +19 event. 

Heavy canapes and beverages. 

Please partake responsibly.

THE ARIA ROMPER Midnight Black
Cozy Romperalls Tartan Blue
Cozy Romperalls Tartan Blue

The MomFest Auction

The MomHalo (the people behind MomFest) have created Project Halo with the goal of raising $1 Million for the Hospital for Sick Kids. The evening of October 18th we are going to entertain and inspire our attendees with 100% of the proceeds from the auction being donated to our project. This is a chance for you to enhance your evening for a charitable cause. 


Know a badass Mama that you want to celebrate? Want to give yourself some love? Presenting our 3rd Annual MomFest Awards! Nominations Close Sept 26th. Voting Begins Sept 28th-Oct 8th, 2021. The winners will be announced at the MomFest Awards Gala: Monday, October 18, 2021.

(Awards will be streamed live, for our home audience). 


Stay at Home Mom, Powered by Rise Little Earthling – This mama is a domestic goddess, someone who stays home to raise her children and manages the household.  (Powered by: Rise little earthling)

Working Parent of the year – This mama has made  exceptional achievements in business while also serving as strong role models or mentors at work, at home and within their communities.

Start up of the year – Celebrate the mama who have demonstrated innovation, excellence, outstanding achievement and impact in their new venture.

Community Organizer – Honor the mama who is making significant contributions to their community through their time, actions, talents and dedication. 

Charitable Mom – This mama has made exceptional achievements giving back to those in need.

Side Hustler, Powered by Lianne Kim & Mamas and Co. – Are you a hustler baby?  A “Side Hustle” is a venture created in addition to your 9 to 5, with the intent to gain money, credibility, community, or even a career. If you are a hustler or know one it’s time to celebrate!

MomFest Gala Enhancement Box Experience:

If you know us personally, then you know we’re all about the food. We know how important it is now more than ever to support our hospitality industry. That is why we’ve partnered with the legendary Carbon Bar (seriously their BBQ is drool-worthy) to deliver dinner straight to the first 100 VIP ticket holders! Need a vegetarian option? We’ve got you covered! 

A dining experience like no other at home! 

Cannot make the live event? 

No worries! 

MomFest Hybrid features an at-home VIP dining experience delivered directly to the doors of our VIP guests.

Check out the menu option here:

  • Burnt Ends Kimchi Ssam with Fresh Lettuce Cups

    Carbon Bar

    Serves 2, Easy Prep, Ready in 10 Minutes.

    The Carbon Bar brings you their famous Texas-style smoked brisket burnt ends, fully cooked and ready for you to simply warm and serve! This dish is accompanied by kimchi and fresh lettuce cups. Make your own wraps for a light and healthy meal! You can also enjoy these burnt ends as an appetizer to go along with one of our other Drops.

  • Smokey Pulled Pork Tacos with All the Fixings

    Carbon Bar

    Serves 4, Easy Prep, Ready in 10 Minutes.

    Smoked over 10 hours, pulled and sauced up, this pulled pork is perfect for making a classic style taco. Add your fresh toppings to warm corn tortillas, making an authentic pulled pork taco!

  • Classic Lasagna

    Amano Italian Kitchen

    Serves 2, Easy Prep, Ready in 30 Minutes.

    Amano brings you their signature Lasagna home, featuring layers of Nonna’s tomato sauce between fresh handmade pasta. This dish is beautifully accompanied by a fresh green salad and house made focaccia slathered in garlic butter and pecorino Romano cheese.

    2021 Speakers

    Virtual Speakers

    Coming Soon!

    Gala Speakers

    More Coming Soon!

    2021 Schedules

    Stage 1

    “The one where you wanna make a baby”


    Welcome , Agenda & Intro to Stages


    Panel: What you need to know


    Vendor Booths Open


    Panel: Now you are expecting….


    Panel: 1 in 4 


    Wrap up

    Stage 2

    “The one where you have the baby”


    Welcome & Agenda


    Panel: Now what?


    Vendor Booths Open


    Panel: Baby Blues


    Stage Wrap up

    Stage 3

    “The one where you have a toddler”


    Welcome & Agenda


    Panel: Five reasons why my child cried today!


    Vendor Booths Open


    Panel: Heading back into the real world


    Stage Wrap Up

    Stage 4

    “The one where you lose your S&%t!”


    Welcome & Agenda


    Panel: Guiding Your Child’s Behavior: Positive Parenting


    Vendor Booths Open


    Panel: Having a Big Conversation


    Stage Wrap up

    subject to change

    The sorts of topics expert panelists will address during this live virtual conference.  **Schedule subject to change **

    Cannot make it to the live virtual content? No WORRIES got you covered with recordings! 

    9:30am – 4:00pm

    You are invited to plug into a day of experts and panelists dedicated to EVERYTHING you want to know right now! 

    Everything from planning your labour and delivery, to managing your toddler tantrum.


    MomFest Fall Hybrid 2021

    + HST

    Tickets $19.99 per adult, children under 12 are free – a portion of proceeds go to Project Halo  



    Swag for 1st 100 people of each time entry

    **Each adult must purchase their own ticket for Covid tracing**

    VIP LIVE TICKET (all access)

    + HST

    EARLY BIRD $229.99 + HST
    After September 26- $289.99 + HST


    Virtual Conference

    Gala Entrance

    Smash + Tess Romper ($135 MSRP)


    Live Swag Bag

    Limited Quantities

    Virtual ticket

    + HST

    EARLY BIRD $39.99 + HST
    After September 26- $79.99 + HST 

    Virtual Conference

    Live Streamed Gala 

    Virtual Swag Bag


    + HST

    EARLY BIRD $229.99 + HST
    After September 26-
    $289.99 + HST

    Virtual Conference

    Live Streamed Gala 

    Food Box

    Smash + Tess Romper ($135 MSRP)

    Virtual Swag Bag

    Limited Quantities


    • Grassroots – Ontario vaccination receipt for Apple Wallet
    • Proof of full vaccine required to attend any in person event
    • You will be turned away at the door if you do not have proof of your vaccination
      • Digital receipt or physical proof of receipt
    • Masks to be worn inside please at all times, when not eating or drinking
    • Please respect social distancing
    • Name tags will reflect personal preferences for distance
    • Hand sanitizer will be provided
    • Contract tracing is in full effect 
    • If you have any symptoms, please stay home- Your ticket will be honoured toward a future Mom Halo offering
    • Safety Name tags in effect:
      • Green – High fives + Hugs
      • Yellow – Elbow bumps and keep space
      • Red – Holler hi, and please keep wide space, thx


      Need Help?

      If you require assistance throughout the day or have accessibility needs, then we’re only too happy to accommodate. Please email info@momhalo.com with any special needs that you have ahead of time so we can assist with any additional needs before the event.

      An All-Star Lineup of Speakers


      We have selected an all-star lineup of speakers who will be presenting on a wide variety of mama-centred topics! Offering many tracks and stages, there will be enough for all guests to see, do, and learn. 

      Get social with us!


      Be sure to tag @momhalo in all of your photos day of! We will have TONS of Insta candy for you to share. Pinky swear!


      “We can do hard things. 
      I can do hard things. 
      We can face hard things.
      I can face hard things.”

      We are calling on you, to do something hard.  

      MOM HALO is asking you, our community, to join forces, and be on the front line of our effort. 

      We are building an army of moms, dads and caregivers, with one shared goal - to raise $1 Million for The Hospital for Sick Children. A cause that hits so close to home for not only our team, but for our community. 

      We invite you to suit up. The battle field for Sick Kids is lined with brave warriors, barring the wounds, rocking their beads, and together we will join them. 

      This is an act of radical generosity to support the most vulnerable kids, with the beacon of hope that is SickKids. 

      We are SO committed to this venture, and we cannot wait to see what we dream up. 

      We want you! 

      How to take part: 

      Claim a spot and become an official Project HALO supporter. 

      Become one of the official 1,000 families to commit to raising $1,000 dollars. 

      CLICK HERE to take a spot….

      SickKids is the place you never want to go, but glad it's there. 

      We can do this hard thing…. And together, we can get to $1,000,000.00!

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