2022 MomFest Homecoming - Oct. 20, 2022! Live and Virtual!

Momfest FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Covid-19 Policy and protocol?

We follow the Ontario public health guidelines. Each attendee and vendor has to present a vaccine passport. All guests will be encouraged to follow social distance protocols, and wear masks when not eating or drinking. There is a clearing and cleaning turnover between the timed entries. 

What happens if there is a lockdown, and the live event is cancelled?

The event will continue to go on, both the Sunday Marketplace and the Monday night evening gala.  All guests will have access to a virtual event featuring each vendor, and will have special access to unique offers. The MomFest Award Gala will also proceed, from the comfort of your home. All live tickets will be pivoted to a virtual ticket, and the event will be high quality, with high production, with an enhancement box sent to your home, included in the ticket. In the case that happens, further details will be sent out to you. Your tickets will still be valid to attend our event virtually.

How does the Smash + Tess Romper work?

Each VIP ticket option will be able to select a romper (MRP $135)  included in the price of your VIP ticket- There are limited styles, sizing and quantities. First come, first serve basis. Select your style (one of three options) and your size ( XXS-XXL) and we will send you the romper with your MomFest GALA Ticket in the mail to rock to the event! Get ready to style it with your flare! 

Why are the VIP ticket options the same price (virtual and live)? 

The tickets are the same price as we are giving you the same value, as we have a capacity cap for a live event- we truly encourage you to take part in the VIP experience, as the best value, and we know everyone will have a smashing time, both in person and online. 

What is the deadline to register for a ticket to MomFest?

VIP Tickets will close on Oct 4th at 11:59 p.m., or when we sell out. To avoid upset, we suggest purchasing ASAP. 

Is there a discount code for MomFest?

There is an early bird promotional code for the VIP ticket options that will expire on Sep 25, 2021. *If you are looking for a group ticket of 4 or more, please email info@momhalo.com 

How much are the tickets to MomFest?

To get into the MarketPlace, the price is $19.99 per adult- Each person must be individually registered, for covid tracing.If you would like access to virtual conference, the price is $39.99. Tickets to MomFest Full Access VIP (both virtual and live) are $229.99 and include a Smash and Tess Romper ( Price goes up to $289.99 after September 25th, 2021. 

Where is MomFest Located?

MomFest is taking place at Richarda’s – 137 Peter street, and online using a digital venue called HopIn. 

What is the time of MomFest?

MomFest has three components:

The Momfest Marketplace will be open from 11 am to 4 pm with two entry times. 

MomFest virtual conference will begin at 10 am and conclude at 4 pm on October 18th. The Momfest Gala and auction will begin at 7:30 pm and the formal program will begin at 8:30 pm. The Gala will conclude at 11:30 pm 

Is there a charity auction taking place?

Yes, there is a live and virtual auction and 100% of the proceeds will go toward Project Halo. 

What percent of proceeds from MomFest will go to SickKids, Project Halo?

100%of the charity auction will go toward the cause, 25% of each ticket goes to the marketplace. 

Is there food and beverage at MomFest?

There is a coffee and pastries available and included in each entry to the live marketplace ticket. The Gala has heavy canapes and an open bar, (there might be a late night snack too). The experience box for VIP virtual guests will have a choice of three options for food that will be delivered to your front door. 

I want to go to the gala, but I do not want the romer. Now what?

There is only one VIP ticket option, and it includes a romper selection- there is no option to purchase a VIP ticket without a romper. 

What’s the deal with the Romper? Do we wear it to the event?

The answer is YES! We want all of our mamas to dress up their romper! Grab your fav shoes, and come party with us! This will allow for a theme of putting mom first, at a mom party, like no other. 

What is a VIP Club Halo member?

If you liked MomFest, then you will LOVE the CLUB HALO! The Mom Halo, the people that produce MomFest, have a VIP exclusive member community.

How do I become a Member of the VIP HALO club?

 The membership community is open during momfest, Oct 17 & 18. If you are looking for details on this membership, click here to learn more at www.momhalo.com – This gives your front of the line access to the Mom Halo experiences, community, merch perks and so much more. 

Can I bring my child or baby to the MomFest Awards Gala?

The Gala is a 19+ event, kiddos are not allowed, this evening is for mamas only.

How do I nominate myself or someone else for a MomFest Award? 

Head over to the nomination page, and complete the form. Nominations ends on Sep 22, 2021

How does voting work for the awards?

The awards will be open to public voting from Sep 26, 2021 to Oct 4, 2021. A person can vote each day, once a day, per email address.. 

What if I cannot attend the live event, but I become nominated?

You do not need to attend momfest live in order to win, but we encourage you to join the party, and bring your friends, cheerleaders and loved ones. 

Is there parking? 

There is street parking and parking lots near the venue. We encourage care sharing, or other forms of transportations. 


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