2022 MomFest Homecoming - Oct. 20, 2022! Live and Virtual!

The 2020 Finalists

Not sure who you’re voting for? All the finalists below!


CEO/Corporate Mom of The Year

Brittany Jackson

Kitchcatering. Owner/kickbutt mom boss

@The.jackson.5ive @kitchcatering

Nadine Woods

Mayana Geneviere, Social Venture Founder

@nadinemwoods @mayanageneviere

Sara Cohen

Fertility law Canada



Charitable Mom. The Fundraiser Queen!

Deja Joi

The Shine Cloth, Founder, Cloth Diaper Designer


Jessica Green

Co-Founder, #one2give

@Jessica_green @one2giveTo

Julie LeJeune

Wish and Give, Founder and CEO



Community Organizer (The PTA Mom, Book Club Mom, etc)

Christella Morris

Awards Gala Finalist

Community Organizer (The PTA Mom, Book Club Mom, etc)

Kerri Ross

Awards Gala Finalist


Vijanti Ramlogan

Creator and organizer



Fantastic Human of The Year!

Dr. Aliya Visram

Awards Gala Finalist

Fantastic Human of The Year!

Lindsay Detsky

One to Give


Orit Tordjman

Awards Gala Finalist

Fantastic Human of The Year!


Hero Mom of the Year (Frontline Worker)

Dr. Dina Kulik

kid Crew Medical


Sandra Everets

The Mama Coach


Dr. Tali Bogler

Co-founder of @PandemicPregnancyGuide



Mom Author of The Year

Clara Power

Power Travel, Owner and Family Travel Specialist


Shantelle Bisson

Awards Gala Finalist


Vicki Rivard

Brave New Mama, Writer

@vicki_rivard @bravenewmama


Mom Influencer of The Year

Candice Bell

Self love Renovation founder


Erica Fraser

Mom Break, Blogger/Podcaster/Influencer


Ivy Chen

Content creator



Mom Podcast of The Year!

Alexandra Cunningham

Awards Gala Finalist

Mom Podcast of The Year!

Amanda Jewson

Sleep Consultant to Alana Kayfetz


Erica Djossa

Happy as a Mother


Keisha Reaves

Push Thru Mom, Founder/CEO, LPC, PHM-C

@keisha_reaves @pushthrumom


Mom Startup of The Year

Heidi Chiovitti



Kieran Powers

Founder of Becoln, support for moms who have experienced baby loss and the NICU


Vanessa Pontes

The Mommonality MRKT, Founder

@mommonality @themommonalitymrkt @momsmississauga @themommonalitypodcast


Momboss of The Year

Alexandra Howe

The Special Events Market owner and Savvy Planner Wedding & Event Specialist

@theeventsmarket @savvyplanner_

Bailey Roth & Carly Silberstein

President, Redstone Agency


Jacqueline Sava

Soak Wash Inc., Director of Possibilities

@jacqueline_soak @soakwash


Side Hustler. You Work, and You Side Hustle!

Breanna Perkins-Weston

GM Equinox


Nadine Hechavarria

Owner, Nadine of All Trades


Vidhi Bhargava

Panchhi Inc. – Founder & CEO



Stay At Home Mom of The Year

Alexis Stein

Awards Gala Finalist


Bonita Karabus

Awards Gala Finalist


Julia Silvestri Wong

Awards Gala Finalist



Working Parent of The Year

Jody Wasserman

Awards Gala Finalist


Lisa Feldstein

Lisa Feldstein Law Office, Founding Lawyer

@lisafeldstein @veganhealthlawyer

Ossana Ber

Super Woman


Celine Tadrissi

Founder and Director


Finalist Voting

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On September 23 2020 voting will open and voting closes on October 7th 2020 at midnight. Winners will be announced on stage at The Momfest Awards Gala Virtual October 14th 2020 at 8:30 pm. Winner must be present (online)!

Winners will be announced on stage at Momfest Awards Gala Virtual October 14th, 8:30 pm. All winners will receive an epic prize pack and the title of a Mom Gala Award Winner 2020! Winner must be present (online)!

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MomFest Awards Gala
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“We can do hard things. 
I can do hard things. 
We can face hard things.
I can face hard things.”

We are calling on you, to do something hard.  

MOM HALO is asking you, our community, to join forces, and be on the front line of our effort. 

We are building an army of moms, dads and caregivers, with one shared goal - to raise $1 Million for The Hospital for Sick Children. A cause that hits so close to home for not only our team, but for our community. 

We invite you to suit up. The battle field for Sick Kids is lined with brave warriors, barring the wounds, rocking their beads, and together we will join them. 

This is an act of radical generosity to support the most vulnerable kids, with the beacon of hope that is SickKids. 

We are SO committed to this venture, and we cannot wait to see what we dream up. 

We want you! 

How to take part: 

Claim a spot and become an official Project HALO supporter. 

Become one of the official 1,000 families to commit to raising $1,000 dollars. 

CLICK HERE to take a spot….

SickKids is the place you never want to go, but glad it's there. 

We can do this hard thing…. And together, we can get to $1,000,000.00!

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