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Ingrid Singing Grass

Saturday, September 1st


2605 Agricola St.

MOM FEST is a music and community based cancer fundraiser and awareness festival where 100% of the proceeds raised will go to charity.

This year for MOM FEST we will be allowing each patron to choose which cancer charity they would like their funds to go to, make your

donation get a ballot with your bracelet, check off your charity of choice and place it in the ballot box! All of the info for how much was

raised and how much your charity recieved will be posted on our website following the festival.

Please come visit us on at www.momfest.ca for any updates.

All of our artists, volunteers and organizers have donated their time, experience and talent to make this festival possible. We at MOM FEST

thank our community for lending us your ears and hearts for an evening of music, art and awareness that is sure to be enlightening and

inspiring! For any questions or inquiries regarding the festival please email hfxmomfest@gmail.com.

ORGANIZER: Jules Bangsworth   hfxmomfest@gmail.com                                    EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER: STOO METZ

Saturday, September 1st
19+ w/ ID
19+ w/ ID

Halifax, Nova Scotia