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M.O.M.(Memories Of Music) Festival - "The Dance for Life"

The Mission: To have our community collectively raise awareness and hope for those affected by cancer by generating funds for the development of knowledge needed to continue to work toward finding a cure. And to regale in some awesome local and national music as we do!

So what is M.O.M Fest? 

M.O.M. Festival is a music and political awareness fundraiser for cancer research and treatment centers across Canada. M.O.M. Fest is also an award ceremony where the Mayor's of each town or city are invited to present award(s) to two people who have donated their time to bettering the lives of those touched by cancer.

The Goods: 

Along with a M.O.M Fest happening in St.John's this year on September 7th, 2013, it will be happening concurrently in Ottawa, ON and Halifax, Nova Scotia as well. Making this year looking to be our biggest fundraising effort to date! 

Now in it's 5th year nationally, this festival has run in several provinces across Canada within that time and has managed to raise nearly $15,000 for charities. 

So this is how it works:

This year  our event will be under one roof, The Bella Vista & Stanley’s Pub on Torbay Rd. All for a suggested donation of $10 which gets you a VIP pass gaining you access to all venues! 

(And hey, if you don't have the $10, whatever you can give would be great, it's for charity and every little bit is appreciated and you're support is what counts in the end!)

All of the money we collect from the door that night will be split up between a few different local and national charities and organizations that we will continue to announce as time goes on.

( Have a charity you'd like us to donate to? Just email nlmomfest@gmail.com or post it up on the page wall! ) 

All of the people involved in this festival as well as artists both local and national that will play are donating their time to the cause and to help raise awareness and we couldn't love them more for it! 

**There will be merch tables set up at all venues for bands and artists to sell they're swag at, so buy all their stuff up!! Cause they are all awesome and are playing for a great cause!!!

So that's the goods! Really excited about this guys!

More info will be announced in the coming weeks 


****ARTISTS: Interested in playing? Please email demo and inquiries to nlmomfest@gmail.com

****Volunteers: Interested in volunteering? Please email your name and contact info to nlmomfest@gmail.com