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Mayor Dennis O'Keefe


Dennis O'Keefe was born and raised in St. John's. He attended St. Bonaventure's College and graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1967 with a B.A. (History) and a B.Ed. Following post-graduate studies at Memorial he received a Master's Degree (History) in 1978.

Dennis had a 30-year career as an educator. He was a teacher/Department Head at Brother Rice High School, St. Patrick's Hall and Beaconsfield High School in St. John's. He is a consumer activist having established the Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices and Consumer Power.

His political career began in 1997 when he was elected as Councillor-at-large. In 2005 he was elected Deputy-Mayor which position he held for three years before resigning to run in a by-election for the position of Mayor. Dennis won the by-election and was sworn in as Mayor of the City of St. John's on June 9, 2008. On September 29, 2009, he was re-elected as Mayor of St. John's for another 4-year term. He is active in the development of the Cruise Ship Industry in this Province. Currently he is the Chair of the Cruise St. John's Committee and Past-President of the Cruise Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.

He is married to the former Grace Lahey and they have two children, Carolyn, son-in-law - Tim; and Denise, son-in-law - Greg; and two grandchildren, Kate and Colin.