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Mission Statement

M.O.M.(Memories Of Music) Festival - “The Dance for Life”

Raising awareness and hope for cancer patients by generating funds for the development of knowledge needed to find a cure for cancer.

Mission Statement 

Raising awareness and hope for cancer patients by generating funds for the development of knowledge needed to find a cure for cancer.

Executive Summary

The M.O.M. Festival is a music and political based fundraiser for cancer research and treatment centres. We are focused on raising money for getting and maintaining the proper equipment and services into cancer care programs in Canada. We will utilize existing clubs, pubs and bars, which will provide the venues for entertaining patrons and stages for the entertainers.

To accomplish these goals, we will organize and market multiple music venues supporting local and national musical artists. Sponsorship allows corporations to be associated with a good cause, while providing working capital for the fixed costs of the festival. The venues benefit from a low cost source of high quality entertainment, excellent media exposure and high concession sales for the night of September 1th 2012. The venues agree to donate 100% of the ticket sales to cancer foundations through the M.O.M. Festival fundraiser. The entertainers benefit by gaining exposure to a large audience and opportunity to market their merchandise to the festival’s patrons, of which they keep 100% of sales.

The M.O.M. Festival was founded by Terry MacEachern, N.S.C.C. graduate of Recording Arts and Studio Business. Terry has gained a multitude of experience producing and managing the past 6 years of the M.O.M. Festival in Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and this year in St. John’s, Halifax and Ottawa. Terry also has personal experience with cancer and understands firsthand the importance of finding a cure. Joining the team this year managing the Ottawa M.O.M. Fest is Joe MacEachern the creator and ex-producer of the Evolve Festival in Antigonish, N.S. that hit number one on a number of different media outlets national and international ranking including number one festival in the country from a CBC radio voters poll and number one in scope Magazine. Now with over 17 years in the music industry, Joe is a valuable member to the M.O.M. Fest board of Directors. Managing the Halifax show is Jules Bangsworth who has gained most of her experience with bookings and business as a performer for the past several years. She is no stranger to the Halifax music scene and she also has a heart of gold and stresses the importance of helping to find a cure for cancer. National Consultation is directed by John Marc Paulino, a former Executive Recruiter who managed business development throughout the Southeast US for a $23m recruiting firm. He opened and managed the Miami & NY offices to profitability within 7 months. He studied International Relations at Harvard University.

Complementing the management team is a worthy board of advisers. Joan Burke is a branch manager at RBC Royal Bank. Robert MacEachern is a retired Natural Resource Officer with over 35 years of service and helped manage the Evolve Festival in Antigonish N.S.. Margaret Paulino is a CPA, MPA and former Controller of IMERYS (6.5 Billion Revenue) mineral manufacturing and mining company.

The M.O.M. Festival concludes with an award ceremony. This noble award goes to two people who have shown excellence to cancer affiliates and recognizes devotion of time and energy to bettering the lives of those touched by cancer. In the past, local radio stations every year agreed to work with us to tell heart-warming stories on the air prior to the Festival.

The Movement of Hope is a collaboration of some of Canada’s best musical artists. It enhances the quality of life for families who are dealing with cancer by raising money for some of Canada’s most renowned cancer charities. It brings positive energy and great media exposure to the music industry, helping local and national artists, while raising money and awareness for cancer research and treatment.

In conclusion, the M.O.M. Festival is one of the most creative events to raise money for fantastic charitable organizations. The M.O.M. Festival is an event that any town or city could support leaving ample room for expansion. We are certain that with the generosity of these province’s and the abundance of musical talent that this will be a successful event for years to come. The goal for M.O.M. Fest will always be to raise much needed funds for cancer support systems and research in these provinces.

Thank you for your time,

Terry MacEachern

M.O.M. Festival's Management


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